Wednesday, 15 August 2018


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Concurrency DVD

The Concurrency and Early Permanence Project has produced a 20 minute DVD as a resource to aid Family Placement Team social workers in the recruitment, assessment and preparation of concurrent carers. However, any prospective concurrent carer or professional may find it useful. Two couples who have experienced caring for children under concurrent planning arrangements talk candidly about their experiences.

If you are a professional interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD please contact the Early Permanence Project Manager:


"We decided to become concurrent carers as we genuinely believe that this is the very best thing for the children who would be suitable for this type of placement. We know that the fewer moves a child has to go through, the better for them, so we are committed to helping a child to have the very best start in life”

Welcome to the Concurrency & Early Permanence Project Website

Early permanence is the umbrella term given to a range of placement types that can speed up a child's journey through care. 

People who are interested in adoption usually recognise that children unable to live with their birth families need a new 'forever family' as quickly as possible. Unfortunately many children have to wait a long time before they can live with a new permanent family. 

mother and baby touching hands cbr003735Concurrency and Fostering for Adoption are just two ways we are trying to speed things up for children. We are looking for families who are resourceful and emotionally mature, and who are able to  put the needs of babies and children first to provide this route to adoption.