Saturday, 17 November 2018


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What is Fostering for Adoption?    adoption concurrency

Fostering for Adoption involves placing a child who is in temporary Local Authority care with special foster carers who are also approved as adopters. This means that if at the Final Hearing the court agrees with the Local Authority that the child should be adopted, and the adoption agency approves the 'match’ between the carers as adopters and the child, then the placement can become the adoptive placement.


Fostering to Adopt carers are approved adopters who have been prepared and assessed as suitable to undertake a temporary fostering role for a specific child and then adopt the child if the court is in agreement. Both concurrent planning and Fostering for Adoption have real benefits for the child.


What are the benefits of FFA for children?

The great advantage for children is that if they cannot go back to their birth family, it will enable them to start their life with their new permanent family as soon as possible, rather than experience further delays through the court process. This gives them the opportunity to form an attachment with their new adoptive parents from an earlier stage in the care process, which will provide them with a secure foundation for emotional and behavioural development throughout their lives.


Click here to download our Fostering for Adoption Information Sheet for Prospective Adopters